Flip Master v2.5.0 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

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Descriptions :Flip Master (MOD, Unlimited Money) – you control the character who jumps on the trampoline and performs va

Descriptions :

Flip Master (MOD, Unlimited Money) – you control the character who jumps on the trampoline and performs various tricks. But you need to do everything right and exclude his injuries and shortcomings. You can learn many different tricks, set big records and open new maps.

Simple yet addictive gameplay on your mobile devices

First off, you’ll find yourself enjoying the simple yet addictive casual game right on your mobile devices. Use the simple and intuitive touch controls as you let your characters bounce up and down on the exciting trampolines. Feel free to perform amazing tricks and stunts to make your gameplay much more interesting.

Enjoy the game in multiple locations with different gameplay

And for those who are interested, you will have access to many exciting flipping challenges that will take you to many interesting locations. Feel free to pick up your locations and have fun in many awesome flipping challenges. Enjoy the game in a backyard, gym, park, or even participate in series competitions with other characters in the game. Experience unique flipping gameplay in different locations along the way.

Play the game with different characters with unique turning styles

To make the game even more interesting, players are also allowed to take on many interesting flipping challenges with multiple characters available in the game. Feel free to play as Dude, Dudette, Fat Dude, Ninja and more. Each character will feature their own unique diving and jumping styles, allowing players to enjoy a more dynamic experience.

Unlock and enjoy many exciting flipping skills

Speaking of which, the game introduces several exciting tricks and skills that you can learn anytime you are in the game. Feel free to perform the spectacular backflips, frontflips, gainers and many other tricks available right on your mobile devices.

Use the incredible power-ups to gain an advantage in the challenges

In order to provide players with specific boosters and buffs during their flipping challenges, the game also features several power-ups that you can take advantage of. This includes many interesting buffs that can give you significant advantages in more difficult challenges.

Aside from that, you can select the medicine ball or the foam cube to give yourself a head start before the flipping challenges begin. Collect more gold with the Coin Rans. Improve your jumps with impressive heights and more.

Feel free to customize and improve your characters

In addition, you are allowed to make many exciting customizations and upgrades to your characters to make your flipping gameplay more interesting. This includes fantastic costumes and accessories to dress up your various characters. Depending on their physics, they either look pretty cool or ridiculous.

And more importantly, the game also features incredible upgrades that you can apply to your characters. Start doing certain workouts with them to unlock useful skills. Refresh them every time you return to the game and enjoy even more interesting gameplay.

Play the game with friends and players around the world

For those who are interested, the game also offers interesting online gameplay that allows you to enjoy Flip Master with friends and online players from all over the world. Here you fight for the top spots in the leaderboards and dominate the world of trampolines. Track your friends’ progress and beat theirs to show off.

Complete challenges and achievements to get special rewards

Moreover, besides the endless levels of flipping gameplay, Android players can also access numerous available in-game challenges and achievements. Take part in this special gameplay to earn some unique rewards. Not to mention that if you’re lucky, you can even collect the rare in-game trophies. Feel free to have fun in these exciting game modes and brag about your achievements to your friends.

Features :

* Choose your location! A backyard, a gym, a competition trampoline!
* Crazy circus and trampoline park with multiple trampolines!
* Unlock dangerous and spectacular skills!
* Backflips, Frontflips, Gainers and 10 more tricks in the palm of your hand!
* Power-up madness! A huge amount of power-ups to choose from!
* Choose the medicine ball or the foam cube and start the bouncing party!
* Even more – go on a gold rush with the Coin Rain power-up and much more!
* Choose, upgrade and customize your characters.
* Jump as an athlete and reach amazing heights!
* Each character has their own unique physics!
* Record your best moves and funniest falls!
* Show the world who dominates the trampoline!

Flip Master MOD features:

unlimited money

Last words about Flip Master

Sometimes when you don’t have internet and don’t know what to do, you can take some time to experience Flip Master (Well, since this game doesn’t need internet, you can play it offline). This is an entertaining sports game that can’t get any more fun with beautiful design, fun and rich gameplay.

Flip Master is free on both Android and iOS platforms. Are you ready to download the hottest sports game?

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